Enfant Way

The Enfant's Way Curriculum

At Enfant, comprehensive and developmentally appropriate programmes are implemented for the holistic development of every child. 

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The Enfant Way
We believe in providing a conducive environment of four Ps
Our thematic approach integrated with essence of project and Montessori approaches are carefully planned and structured for children aged 18 months to 6 years old.

Our curriculum has been designed according to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education (MOE) so as to prepare our children adequately for primary school. Our younger children are exposed to practical life exercises, sensory and social activities to engage in active learning.
Here are some of our curriculum uniqueness:

Creative Expression

We want our children to have a song in their head to sing and dance when they complete their journey with us. Creative expressions development must be nurtured from the young through activities such as rhyme play, art and craft, creative dramatic play and even music and movement activities.

Multiple Intelligence

We acknowledge and appreciate the strengths of every child and try to integrate our curriculum with multiple intelligences activities. We aim to mould a well-rounded child by introducing and enhancing their strengths and weaknesses through our multiple intelligences activities during lesson or even play time.

Practical Life Exercises

Life-skills need hand-on experience. And this is what Enfant aims to achieve by providing our children the essential life-skills through our self-help skills programme which we call the practical life exercises. Some of the materials we used for practical life exercises are adapted from the Montessori method.

Project Work
Experiential Learning

Our children work on a project approach to build on new knowledge from their prior experiences and knowledge. Hands-on activities are a common sight in the school as we believe children not only learn best through play but also working with their senses with real life objects and experiences.

Embracing Diversity

Enfant takes the opportunity to share with our children the different cultures around the world during our ‘Around the World’ theme and even during our school event celebrations. During our food culture week, children are introduced to various food and culture of other countries. Our active parents will also come in to share their skills!

Character Development

Developing a well-rounded child is a vital part of the curriculum in Enfant. A child with good academic skills is not complete without the values and morals instilled. Enfant believes that a child’s sense of self-worth and self-confidence comes through the foundations of good social and moral behaviour. We use dramatic play corners, puppets areas and moral storybooks to put across such moral messages.